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TORIColors Toric Colored Contact Lenses

Color & Comfort in a Toric Contact Lens

TSO North Spring patients with astigmatism now have a color option for contact lenses. Introducing TORIColors – the only monthly disposable toric in an opaque color option. The lenses provide superb color options for patients who otherwise would have to wear cosmetic spherical lenses with a loss of visual acuity or purchase expensive custom cosmetic toric lenses.

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❍ Innovative color technology provides maximum coverage
❍ Superb iris color changing capability and coverage
❍ Beautiful, natural look

Natural Colors

❍ Seabreeze Blue
❍ Emerald Green
❍ Golden Amber
❍ Horizon Grey

Proven Comfort from ExtremeH2O®

TORIColors is powered by ExtremeH2O® and made with a patented GMA/hydrogel copolymer that has advanced hydration properties. This enables the lens to retain 97% of its moisture – even under extreme conditions. Lens comfort, movement and fit are stable throughout the entire day.

❍ Non-ionic material keeps lenses clear and free of unhealthy protein deposits
❍ Naturally hydrophilic – no coating is required for superior comfort
❍ DK value ensures good corneal health
❍ Ultra-stable copolymer provides exceptional on-eye stability

The ONLY opaque color disposable toric contact lens

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