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I love this place!

I love this place! I have been using the same doctor for the past 12 years and I couldn't get in on my day off (lack of planning on my part and fed up I couldn't see out of my glasses anymore). So I called this place. The doctor was so nice! He warned me was alone that day and if I was okay if everything was a little hectic at the moment. Being self employed by myself I completely understood. He was super nice, great up to date equipment. Was awesome I didn't have to go through having my eyes dilated thanks to new technology. He was very thorough in explaining my options since my vision changed and was knowledgeable in what I do do for work and told me what would and wouldn't work. He even took the time to explain laser surgery and explain to me what everyone failed to explain to me why my eyes have always been so bad..WITH visual of the inside of my eye. It was just amazing! When I went to get my glasses the nice lady there explained about my new lenses and how to use them since I was new to progressive lenses. I will definitely be back! I highly recommend this place, if I could give more than 5 starts I would!

- Beth L.

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